Wedding Veil Cuts – What’s the Difference?

I have been getting a lot of questions lately about the difference among veil cuts. When it comes to wedding veil options there are few different cuts to choose from: standard, circular, drop, mantilla and angel. So let me delve into the different options and explain each one.

Standard Cut Veil

A standard cut veil is the most common veil cut and a beautiful choice. Tulle is cut into a tear drop shape, gathered at the top, and attached to the comb. The veil can also be cut with square corners or a circular shape if you prefer. Standard veil cuts can be made with however many tiers and whichever width you prefer (i.e., sheer 54″ wide, standard 72″ wide, or the extra full 108″ wide.)

Circular Cut Veil

Circular cut veils are exactly how they sound – a piece of tulle (or whatever material the veil is made from) cut out into a circular shape, folded in two, gathered in the center, and attached to a comb. The effect creates a circular shape at the bottom of the veil, where the edges fall around the bottom rather than falling around your face.

The bigger the circle, the longer the veil. Because circular cut veils are gathered in the center, they can only come in an even number of layers such as 2 or 4.

A great option if you are wearing your hair down and would rather your hair than the veil frame your face.

Drop Veil

A drop veil is considered the most sheer veil out of the bunch. A drop veil is made exactly the same way as a circular cut veil, the only difference is that it isn’t gathered in the center. Rather, it is sewn flat to a comb to take away any volume and will sit flat when draped over your head, falling delicately over your face.

A drop veil is traditionally worn over the face as a blusher, but if you would rather wear the top layer pulled back as a two layer veil, you can do that too.

Since there is no gather, this veil has no real volume and will sit quite flat on your head or down your back. Like the circular cut, a drop veil’s edge will be at the bottom; it is best to wear your hair down in order to frame your face.

Mantilla Veil

A dramatic veil, the mantilla style veil is typically cut out in an oval or circular shape and will usually have a lace edge. It is secured to a comb along one side with no gathering to allow it to be positioned perfectly flat on your head. You can also find mantilla veils cut with rounded square corners or in a cascading cut.

A mantilla veil is meant to be worn closer to the front of the head, with the veil falling softly over the shoulders. However, it can also be placed at the crown or the lower back of the head if preferred.

Angel Veil

An angel cut veil is a popular choice as a knee length veils (45″) or shorter. The veil is cut in a V-shape so that the sides fall in a cascading style to create a soft look down to a point.

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